Alternative Cancer

Hyperthermia in combination
with Low Dose Radiation
Dr. James I. Bicher, M.D.

Turn the
HEAT up on Cancer

Scientifically Proven
F.D.A APPROVED modality

Bicher Cancer

Dr. James I. Bicher, M.D.
One of pioneers of HYPERTHERMIA

Bicher Cancer Institute (formerly Valley Cancer Institute) is one of the America’s largest Hyperthermia research and clinical treatment centers. Since its foundation in 1984 by Dr. James Haim Bicher, BCI has been committed to the research, development, and clinical use of Hyperthermia, a natural, less toxic cancerocidal modality, to improve cancer treatment results while decreasing side effects of conventional therapies. The hyperthermia cancer treatment approach used at BCI has a curative intent, as opposed to palliative treatment used in conventional therapies like radiation alone, high toxic chemotherapy, and the “point of no return” surgery whose purpose is only to prolong patients’ lives. Hyperthermia cancer treatment in conjunction with low dose Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) offered at BCI, is purposely intended to cure when tumors are localized.

Capable of treating more than 50 patients per day, BCI offers one of the most advanced hyperthermic technology with five Hyperthermia treatment rooms, and full radiation and medical oncology departments. Using a holistic approach, the combination of the natural heat treatment with the other established anti-cancer modalities, allows for good treatment results in most tumors, while markedly decreasing the level of toxicity. BCI’s medical expertise is based on 25 years of clinical experience and research in the development of alternative cancer treatments.

Most of the Institute’s oncology staff, including doctors, nurses, hyperthermia and radiology technicians, and engineers, has been with BCI from the first years of its establishment and possesses decades of expertise in the field of cancer treatment with curative intent. Effectiveness of the cancer treatment with hyperthermia offered at Bicher Cancer Institute for breast, head and neck, and prostate cancer was outlined in the summary of the paper published in the German Journal of Oncology: Complete response rates were 82% for breast patients, 88% for head and neck and 93% for prostate patients. Projected 5 year survival rates were 80% for breast patients, 88% for head and neck, 87% for prostate patients. Side effects were less than with curative radiation therapy alone. No Grade IV toxicity (Common Toxicity Criteria) was observed.* * Bicher HI MD., Wolfstein, RS. M.D Thermoradiotherapy with curative intent – breast, head and neck and prostate tumors. Deutsche Zeitschrift für Onkologie (German Journal of Oncology) 2006, 38: 116-122.

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